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16, Norway. Obsessed with a bastard named Ed Sheeran. My ask box is always open for questions or conversations. And remember- "be a true heart not a follower"

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Billboard Outtake
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In response to her covering Give Me Love tonight :)
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What everyone thought SNL would be like
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*secretly laughing at people who are freaking out because of Ed’s “new sound” even though it’s very reminiscent of Loose Change lol where u been tbh*

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So what's the story behind ed sheeran and Ellie Goulding in Don't?



This is the last Ellie related ask I’ll answer

But here is the full story

So ed is an eggplant ok

It’s true

And apparently this undisclosed girl was looking for a lover to burn
And so

She burned the edplant

But then the eggplant aka ed wrote a song

Which was a very good comeback to said girl

The end

The moral of the story is that it’s no more of my business than finding out Alice’s last name because that’s Ed’s personal life and we were lucky enough to get such a venerable song; I respect that and I respect them. x

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i love how fucking blunt this song is it’s not like “you laid in his bed” its just straight up “YOU HAD SEX WITH MY FRIEND (bitch)”

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